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 “Over the Horizon”  2009-2010  
 From Brunei to the end of the world (And Return)
   Commemorating  25 Years  of Brunei  Independence

In days long gone, men ventured into seas unknown to geographers and sailors alike, traversed mysterious lands and cultures in search for gold and glory. Brunei too was once a seafaring nation. Her sailors set foot on distance shores for hundreds of years, traded and forged alliances until greater European powers showed up, uninvited, on board cannon and sword, on their tongues lies and deceit.

We cannot turn the clock of time and make history undone. But having this spirit to accomplish within, we Malay are able to achieve what we aimed for, be it for our own inner triumph or better still for the name of our Nation. That, distinguished reader of Brunei descent, is called patriotism, a word almost forgotten.

Having completed the overland journey through the hunger lands of Africa, and large parts of Asia, we had humble to accept, that what we endured for a few month was nothing, compared to millions of other humans out there, be it a Bangladesh, India or Africa, Humans with a soul, who, in despair for the daily handful of rice, compete with rats on garbage site for left over's of society, as seen in Dhaka and other places.

Man can spend billions in wars, wastage and oppression, but turn the head away from a suffering child.

Something is very wrong in our world system.

We the Malay have inherited all the strength and will from our forefathers the conquerors and it is this desire which drives me and my husband to unknown shores, in the spirit so common to all explorers and adventurers.

Without desire for profit or pride, nor gold or glamour, we intend to set out solo, as the first time, to circumnavigate our" planet in peril" and cross the charming, but tormented continent Africa, from North to South once more.

Inviting the international Eco tourist to our evergreen forests, carrying greetings from our Nation, and the message that we are all brothers. No one is above, except HE, to whom we all pray.

Norhayati and Harun, Brunei, the 14th May, 2009.

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